About Shakespeare!

Welcome to Shakespeare!

Shakespeare is our primary Domino server, running v6.5.3.

User Names
Your user name is the Firstname Lastname identifier you were given when you received Notes. This is probably something like John Doe/STF/Marist or Jane Smith/FAC/Marist. All you need to use as a user name when logging in is the first part, your name. For example, John Doe/ADM/Marist would use John Doe as his user name to log in.
Your password for the Web (also called your HTTP Password) is a different password than the password you use with your Notes Client. They can be set to the same value, but when you change one the other does not change automatically. This adds some additional security.

If you would like your web password reset, please call the Help Desk and ask them to reset your Notes web password.
Once you've logged in, you'll see a link to Your InBox. This link takes you to your mail database, where all of your email, calendaring, and to-dos are kept. Your will have access to the same documents as you see on your Notes Client, organized in the same way.
Personal links are just that; they're kind of like bookmarks that only you can see. You can create as many as you like, edit them, and delete them whenever you like.

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